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This course has been designed to build required competence in the prospective students who are willing to sit an exam of TOPIK. Since South Korea has become the greatest destination of Nepalese, there’s really tough competition between the candidates. Therefore, to become successful simply being good and better is not going to do. Keeping this fact in the mind, we have designed level-wise course contents so that students become the winners from every possible aspect.

  1. Basic
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

The length of the courses for each level is 50 hours in a period of 2 months. New classes begins from every Sunday. Every session is for two hours a day and classes are conducted from 5 AM to 8 PM from Sunday to Friday.

Special Package

This course is tailor-made course. First of all we take, analyze and understand the student’s individual requirements. Then our subject experts will design course of study and lesson plan for the suitability of the student. However, this kind of course will be flexible, which means, things can be changed and modified depending on the progress of the student. The class hours and length depend upon the students need and availability. Nonetheless the normal duration of the class is 1 month and class hour is 2 hours.

Interview Preparation

We run interview preparation classes to meet almost every kind of interview that involves Korean speaking proficiency. Mostly such preparation classes involve EPS TOPIK related interview facing preparation. However, we have been also providing interview class for those who have to face an interview for working visa, student visa and visiting visa as well.

Skill Test

Passing the EPS TOPIK is nothing but meeting the requirement to be enlisted on the roster list of the job bank. The possibility of being selected first depends on one’s performance on the skill test. In the present system, everyone who passes the exam has to undergo the skill test. Obviously, those who take skill test preparation or training classes, their chances of being selected first increases tremendously. Keeping this key fact in the mind, we have been running skill test classes, which our past students have found really efficient. We have every required material, subject expert, and environment.